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Cash Flow Analysis & Projections
ASC 740/Accounting for Income Taxes
Develop & Implement Accounting Policies for Aircraft Operations
Contemporaneous Tracking Tools
Documentation of Each Flight
Review & Implement Accounting Policies for Aircraft Leasing Activities
Review of Accounting Records 
Other Accounting Services
Federal Income Tax
274 Entertainment Expense 
- Disallowance Calculated in Accordance with the Internal Revenue Codes
Analyze Ownership Structure to Maximize Tax Benefits & Strategically Plan for:
 - At Risk Limitations
 - Passive Activity Rules
 - Excess Business Loss (new)
 - Interest Expense Limitations (new)
 - Hobby Loss Rules
 - Related Party Transactions (280F)
State Tax

Sales & Use Tax Planning
 - Planning for Delivery Locations
 - Nexus Analysis & Advisory Services
 - Compliance & Reporting

State Income Tax Planning
Federal Excise Tax

Form 720 Preparation & Consultation
Fuel Tax Refunds
Payroll and Fringe Benefits

Payroll – SIFL
Fringe Benefit Calculations
Executive Compensation
IRS Audit Representation
Acquisition & Disposals

 - Documentation Consultation & Review
 - Strategic Operational Planning
Internal Audit Assistance
SEC Compliance Assistance
 - Related Party Transactions
 - Compensation & Benefits
Analysis of Operating Documents & Contracts
Use of Company Aircraft Policy
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